Carolyn & Ben

Carolyn and Ben found me through instagram. They reached out and we talked about our love for dogs and hiking! I immediately loved Carolyn after talking with her and my fingers were crossed that they would choose me to capture their elopement!

When I tell you it was the most beautiful, intimate elopement I have ever witnessed. I mean it wasn't just the views of mountains surrounding us, or the love radiating from their friends and family, or the true happiness that was very apparently present. It was all of these things and more. The bond between Carolyn and Ben was true to its very core. If I ever believed in soulmates, Ben and Carolyn confirmed it. They had a non traditional style elopement. They walked together, hand in hand, and their best friend married them. There were happy tears everywhere. Ben and Carolyn exchanged vows and both of them were thoughtfully written. Ugh I have tears just reminiscing. My heart is forever grateful for the opportunity to document such a loving day. I feel as though I don't even have the right words to describe it other than it being raw emotion and ultimately magical. Thank you Carolyn and Ben for an amazing, speechless evening dancing under the sunset as we hiked our way down the mountain. I truly enjoyed being a small part in such a magnificent day.